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Kevin Ashley | 9/7/2016

One of the best decisions we made during our pregnancy was asking Colleen to be our Doula! If you are even remotely considering hiring a doula, I can save you lots of time and tell you to just hire Colleen! From the moment my wife and I sat down with Colleen, we felt connected. She was extremely knowledgeable and it was obvious she loved being a doula. As both a mother-to-be and a father-to-be we both had our own list of questions and concerns. Colleen was very patient and answered all our questions knowledgeably and confidently. She took the time to understand each of us and what our needs were. She was always prepared. She was a rock when we needed her and always calm, comforting and encouraging. Looking back, we can't imagine the experience without her by our sides. We spoke with quite a few other Doulas in the area and their references. From prenatal to post-birth, Colleen helped us so much. None was better than Colleen and we couldn't recommend her more highly.

Jeanine | 8/16/2016

The thing that surprised me most about pregnancy was the unexpected fears that come up and the resources I would need to prepare for the birth I desired (as much as I possibly could). I'm so thankful I had Colleen to turn to with every concern and question. She would text me back within minutes with an answer, an article, a website or Amazon buy now link. When my baby was breech a few weeks before labor she had a chiropractor reference ready for me with exercises on cue that helped me flip baby Violet right around in time for labor. What surprised me most about labor was the amount of decisions Brent and I would have to make on the spot. Contractions were all I could focus on and having Colleen there with so much birth experience to help us feel grounded and support the choices we wanted to make in each moment was so comforting. And the emotional support she provides will be what you remember the most. I was experiencing the deepest body sensations I have ever felt while she held the weight of me and baby in her arms, guiding me through each breath and listening for what I needed. I would recommend Colleen to any woman who desires to feel supported, grounded, powerful and trusting of her birth experience. Oh!! And after having her for post-partum support in our home was just the icing on the cake. We had our placenta encapsulated, which left me feeling energized and stable. And she helped me take care of baby while we packed for a big move when Violet turned 3 months old. I can't say enough great things about her and wish you the courage to say yes to getting the support you deserve, that only Colleen can give in her way, on this beautiful special adventure.

Angela Strassheim | 8/9/2016

Looking back on the birth of our daughter, I don't know how I could have managed all the levels of labor without Colleen. She was a great teacher, coach, and energy spirit from the weeks leading up to the birth and weeks after. She is involved on a deeper level then most doulas and offers services beyond just showing up for the birth. From suggesting a hypnobirthing class to placenta encapsulation, I really felt taken care of by Colleen and trusted her knowledge. I am forever grateful for the empowerment I felt during my birth experience even with options that were taken away from me. We are so thankful that she is a part of our birth story. Even at the very end I asked my husband to hand his phone over to her to capture the actual moment of birth so that I could see it later from another perspective. She knew just what to include, I love the images so much! They are so meaningful to me as a photographer myself. I will recommend her to anyone I know giving birth in Connecticut.

Galina Zelfond-Orlosky | 7/21/2016

I don't think there is enough space for me to praise what Colleen did for me and my family. My first birthing experience was successful vaginal birth after 27hr labor. My second pregnancy was riddled with complications, including an external cephalic version, 33hr labor and an emergency C-section. So when it came to welcoming our 3rd and final child into this world, I was anxious and worried about a potential C-section and we decided to consult with a Doula for support. We met with Colleen 3 times prior to actual delivery. She coached my husband and me through positions, exercises, infant CPR and supplements that would help with our most recent pregnancy and delivery. Unfortunately this child decided to arrive 2 weeks late, so my anxiety was at an all-time high with our OB/GYN practice recommending a membrane sweep and induction at 42 weeks. So when the outcome of our nearly 36hr v-bac labor and delivery was a single push flawless arrival of our son - I can only say that it was solely due to Colleen’s efforts and knowledge as a Doula.

Colleen is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, supportive, kind, gentle and loving professional. I came out of this pregnancy and birthing experience more empowered, more centered, more in control of myself and our child. My hospital stay post-delivery was just 24hrs and I was enjoying our newborn at home.

We also used Colleen's services for placenta encapsulation, tincture and umbilical cord keepsake. She arrived just a few days after our birth with the most adorable gift bag of pills, potion, and heart shaped dried cord and chocolate.

We love Colleen and everything she did for us. We simply sing her praises and encourage everyone to work with her.

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