July 17, 2018
Lindsay Weisenthal | 7/17/2018

I thought I was hiring Colleen to guide me through just the delivery of my son and what I got was guidance throughout my entire pregnancy. I had a high risk pregnancy with a lot of tough decisions to make and a lot of challenging sensations to navigate and I can honestly say I have no clue how I would have had the positive birth experience to remember forever without Colleen. I did end up having a C section despite all of the practice and planning for otherwise and because of Colleens presence throughout my pregnancy and the C section it was without a doubt the spiritual and beautiful memory I had dreamed of creating. Even though nothing went to plan I got exactly what I wanted and Colleen was a huge facilitator for one of the most important and challenging times in my life. If you met Colleen at her fetal positioning class like I did and had a little gut feeling you should talk to her… follow that inner nudge. She is full of wisdom, resource and goes the distance with you!

July 17, 2018
Desirae Whittle | 7/17/2018

Colleen was my doula for the birth of my daughter. From the moment I hired her, she made herself available to me, and made me feel like I was a friend. I knew I could always ask her anything, and if she didn’t already know the answer to my question, she had the resources to find out. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, as she has seen many things and attended many births and I felt safe with her. During my pregnancy, which ended up having many complications, she kept a positive outlook. In the end, my birth did not turn out as I hoped, but being able to still have Colleen there when it was decided I would have a cesarean was beyond beneficial because I was very afraid to have the cesarean. It was never in my mind that could happen, and I was grateful for calming presence in the room while I was prepped for surgery, and to have her waiting there when we came back in with our healthy daughter.

Thank you, Colleen, for being a wonderful source of emotional, informational and physical support throughout my pregnancy, labor and deliver, and well into my postpartum period.

July 16, 2018
Kira Krauss | 7/16/2018

Hiring Colleen was one of, if not the best decision I made during my pregnancy! I was referred to Colleen via a trusted holistic network in Fairfield county. I had never considered a doula, but after hearing number of positive testimonials through a class I took in my second trimester, I knew I had to work with her as this was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what to expect. Colleen spent ample time up front getting to know my husband and I through home visits and was always available over the phone when I had a question or needed her. The end of my pregnancy was particularly challenging with a few ”false alarms” and Colleen was always there for support and always kept my best interests at heart. When my husband and I reflect on the birth of our daughter, we cant imagine what it would have been like without Colleen present. Every step of the way, she knew exactly what to do to keep me comfortable as I had opted for a natural, epidural free birth. From her magical lavender oils to moving me from position to position, she gave me peace of mind and always made sure I was tended to. Colleen, thank you for such an amazing experience both pre and post partum! Rob and I are so grateful for everything you’ve done for us! To those of you who are considering working with doula, it was hands down worth every penny. You will be in amazing hands with Colleen!

April 30, 2018
Kristin Barendregt | 4/30/2018

Colleen came highly recommended by our midwife practice and I’m so glad we found her!  As first time parents, working with Colleen gave us confidence during every stage – pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. From the beginning we appreciated her personalized approach and responsive communication. Throughout my very long labor Colleen was an unflagging, warm, and knowledgable partner when we needed it most.  I was particularly grateful for her deep experience in techniques to support optimal fetal positioning as well as managing pain. Additionally, she worked seamlessly with the midwives and my husband so I felt the whole team supporting me. We are so grateful for her!

April 19, 2018
Heather Susman | 4/19/2018

I learned about the doula profession in my hypnobirthing course as my husband, Ben and I were preparing for our first child. My hypnobirthing instructor, Cynthia, highly recommended using a doula and thought very highly of Colleen. At first, my husband and I were hesitant about using a doula, but after a few family members decided to overstep their boundaries about the birthing process we decided to give Colleen a call. All we have to say is that one of my biggest regrets during my pregnancy is that Ben and I did not contact Colleen sooner. Colleen completely put my worries and fears about the delivery at ease. She is so easy to talk to and provided me with suggestions on how take care of myself physically and emotionally. I went to the doctor earlier the day I was in labor. At the time, I was having contractions but was not dilating so I was unable to go to the hospital. As my contractions got stronger, I called Colleen and she came over at 11:00 at night. She recommended different positions to speed up my dilation and made me feel at ease with the labor process. When she felt I was dilated enough, which was at 3:30 in the morning, Colleen followed my husband and I to the hospital. She not only stayed with me until I delivered our daughter, but for a little while after that to make sure I was settled before she had to go to another hospital for another client. My entire labor was around 38-hours and Colleen made me feel at ease the whole time. Colleen knew how important it was for me to have a natural birth, and was able to help me achieve my goal. She also recommended positions to help my water break and mucus plug come out naturally, which helped me avoid any medical intervention. Ben and I plan on calling Colleen right away when I am pregnant with our second child, and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to use a doula during their pregnancy.

April 10, 2018
Sarah Garfield | 4/10/2018

We met Colleen through HypnoBirthing classses my husband and I took and I knew from our first conversation that I needed her support and experience for my pregnancy and labor.  Colleen was professional, knowledgeable but most importantly extremely genuine and kind.  My pregnancy had multiple complications at the end which resulted in changing plans multiple times and Colleen remained flexible and positive throughout.  The guidance she was able to provide us beforehand helped us feel more confident going into the birth of our son.  When the time came, despite a major snowstorm leading to a tree being knocked down in her driveway, Colleen was able to make it to the hospital for my labor.  When I could no longer handle the pain of my back labor, Colleen remained calm and supportive of my pain management decisions.  While my husband was extremely supportive during labor, I don’t know that I could have made it through without Colleen’s support and guidance. After our delivery, she visited the house and was able to talk me down from the very intense emotional rollercoaster i was experiencing And has continued to check in and provide resources to help me through.  As someone who wasn’t familiar with doulas or the services they offer, I can honestly say it was the best decision we made and worth every penny and then some to hire Colleen!  Thank you Colleen for everything – you don’t know how much we appreciate it! 

April 9, 2018
Tiffany Kozlowski | 4/9/2018

Colleen was our saving grace. My husband was hesitant about hiring a Doula at first but after meeting her, he not only felt comfortable with her but also walked away with more knowledge than what we had gained from our birthing class. She was there for all three of us throughout the process, answering and helping us with all of our questions fears and concerns. You can never be too prepared and Colleen made sure we had all the tools necessary throughout our pregnancy to ensure we would meet all our goals as best as we could during labor. We delivered at a high intervention hospital because we loved our doctors. When Colleen met us at the hospital she was fully prepared and equipped with balls, music, snacks, and anything I needed to be comfortable. She was loving and encouraging throughout the whole process and made sure my husband was a part of the process telling him how to help. She gave me the strength to stand up to the nurses and doctors and make sure they followed all of our wishes. I stalled so ended up being induced, we had asked everyone to step out of the room and Colleen, my husband and I discussed if it was necessary and at this point, we felt it was so proceeded. She showed me different positions, help with the shower, squats walking around and encouraged me to have the best labor and delivery possible. Our team of doctors loved working with her and so did everyone at the hospital. I have not only referred her to many of my friends but throughout my journey of motherhood have come across many people who have used her during their pregnancy. I feel this is a huge testament to who she is and how wonderful she is. We would have not had the most beautiful labor/delivery if it wasn’t for Colleen my husband agrees and he is thrilled that we hired her. She is far more than a doula but a friend and someone we will continue to keep in contact with for many years. 

February 5, 2018
Kristin Dell’Anno | 2/5/2018

My husband and I loved having Colleen as our doula. This was my first pregnancy and I was very anxious and scared about giving birth.  We decided to hire a doula to help ease my anxiety and to give us extra support.  Colleen was warm and answered all of my many questions.  She never made me feel stupid for asking so many questions or for being nervous.  She sent me many helpful articles to read about pregnancy and childbirth.  When I finally went into labor, Colleen was there very soon after my husband called her and stayed until after the baby was born.  My labor was long and difficult. She was a huge support to not only me but also my husband.  My husband told me after that he was getting scared because of the complications but Colleen knew he was silently freaking out and calmed his nerves.  She comforted me when my birthplan didn’t go the way I wanted it to and when complications started to occur.  She knew what questions to ask the medical staff and advised me on other choices that needed to be made.  She never got in the way of the nurses or OB and never pushed her opinions on me.    I felt completely comfortable and trusted her 100% that she had my best interest at heart.  I honestly couldn’t imagine having gone through all of that without Colleen there.  I can’t recommend her enough.

February 5, 2018
Rachel Lime | 2/5/2018

Colleen is an amazing doula, and I know for a fact that my birth story would have been far different had we not hired her. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all things baby and pregnancy and was available to us whenever we needed guidance leading up to the birth of our daughter. And she continues to be a valuable resource to us in managing the proper care of our baby girl. Hiring her will be a pivotal game changer for your birth because she cares for her clients like she does her own children – she’s the most wonderful advocate and friend no matter what happens when you go into labor. We cannot say enough good things about her and what she has done and continues to do for us! 

November 30, 2017
Christina Polychroni | 11/30/2017

When i hired a “doula”, i did not know much, and it was still early in the process. Who knew what a whirlwind this would become, how i would change providers to the birth center, and then- just when things would be comfortable and easy, the final climax that would really shake my world and lead us to Boston… I remember so many times texting you when i had any question that came to mind, calling you in tears, calling you in joy and laughter , and you were always there to support and provide the best advice you had. I remember so clearly the morning after Micah was born, you came in and i grabbed your hand in silence, looked at you in gratitude and an avalanche of love and blessed THANK YOU came over me. I could not speak in words but my heart was pounding so hard looking at you and realizing what a support system you had become! So i THANK you, i thank you for being who you are, for standing by me in perhaps the most difficult days and decisions i have ever been called to make, for everything you have given me so far- and for this bond that will remain in me for the rest of my life… Keep up the sacred work you do, keep reminding women of the strength we carry in us, and always remember that you have truly changed the life of at least one woman that is now writing this letter in tears of joy, bliss and gratitude.

November 2, 2017
Morgan | 11/2/2017

It’s difficult to describe how much I needed Colleen during my birth. I didn’t have the easy, beautiful birth that I was hoping for; the one that Colleen and my husband and I planned for. After 20 hours of labor without medication, including 3 hours of pushing, I was given a c-section. During the labor Colleen was there, holding my barf bag, cleaning off my face, applying counter pressure, counting for me when I pushed, telling the nurses to take the oxygen off when I couldn’t breathe through the mask, offering different positions when my baby’s cord was compressed, telling me everything was going to be alright when the doctor couldn’t affix the vacuum to my daughter’s head, and holding my hand as I agreed to the c-section that I desperately didn’t want. But what impressed me the most was when I was rushed off to 5 hours of emergency surgery for a c-section gone wrong, Coleen stayed with my husband and newborn. She comforted them when they needed comfort the most. She was the rock that I couldn’t be for them. I will never be able to repay her for what she did for me and my family that night. Postpartum, she was checking in on me, making sure we were all OK. Not only is she knowledgeable, she is kind and she is safe and she will be there in every way you can imagine, whether you have the beautiful birth that you planned or the traumatic one that you dreaded. I can’t say enough about how amazing she is.

November 1, 2017
Tiana Werber | 11/1/2017

My husband and I first met Colleen at a fetal positioning class she was giving at Hypnobirthing of CT.  It helped me better understand how a doula could help facilitate the process of labor.  We had been considering hiring a doula and I felt like we could be a good match.  She is confident, knowledgeable, and very experienced. And she loves animals, too!  Something felt so right about it that I feel like I already knew we would hire her before I first called her.  Thankfully, she was available for the timeframe of when our baby was expected to be born.  Colleen saved us a great deal of last minute stress when she told us at the 36 week visit that it was time to get our bags ready.  I still was not quite packed at 37 wks and 3 days, when I went into labor at 2am, but at least I had put together a list of items from the resources Colleen emailed so my husband could help me get ready.  We went to Vidone birthing Center soon after showering and packing, and our baby was also ready to go.  Within the next few hours, I went from minimal/no cervical dilation to 7cm.  Colleen rushed over once she heard labor had progressed quite fast and she was there by my side for the final stages when our little boy was born before 9am.  She helped with his first latch and stayed with us to support us through the initial post-delivery hours.  She has been an incredible support through the post-partum months, as well.  I had so many questions that I didn’t know I would have until the baby was born.  My family will be moving from CT next spring and I wish I could take Colleen with us to be our doula if we have another baby!

September 12, 2017
Holly Fisher | 9/12/2017

We hired Colleen as our doula when moving from NYC to CT in the middle of my pregnancy with our first child. While we originally intended to strive for a natural birth (I also preferred a hospital birth setting and the option of an epidural), complications arose towards the end of my pregnancy which required a scheduled cesarean section. I wasn’t sure what the role of a doula would be if I wasn’t going to labor, but Colleen met us at the hospital that morning and we were so grateful to have her there. She helped me relax and keep me calm before surgery, and sat with my husband while I was in surgery (I went under general anesthesia so my husband was not permitted in the operating room). Colleen helped us ask questions of the nurses that we wouldn’t have thought to ask — notably, she prompted us to request that our son to be brought straight to my husband while I was still in surgery. As first time parents, we learned so much from our prenatal sessions with Colleen. Her suggestions for sleeping alignment helped me maintain quality sleep through the end of my pregnancy. To me, the most valuable support was Colleen’s follow up after the birth of my son, when I was experiencing insomnia and anxiety. It was very comforting to have her as an ally and a resource. Even though I wasn’t able to have her coach me through labor, Colleen was such a great asset to my pregnancy and birth experience, and I would highly recommend her!

July 7, 2017
Heather Breslin | 7/7/2017

Asking Colleen to be my doula was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I could have made for my pregnancy and birth experience. There is so much information out there about pregnancy that it feels overwhelming for a first timer; having Colleen to guide me gave me the tools to feel not only reassured, but empowered to make informed decisions.

I ended up being induced at 41 weeks and had a very long, mostly unmedicated labor, Colleen went above and beyond during that time, staying with me for over 24 hours. Labor is a rollercoaster, and she adapted to my needs and helped me through every stage. She was strong, knowledgable, kind, compassionate, encouraging, and firm when I needed it. She helped make me more comfortable during contractions and was a calm voice of reason for me and my partner. It’s difficult to put into words how much her presence contributed to a positive bith experience, despite some challenging circumstances. I truly don’t know what I would have done without her. 

After my son was born, Colleen was, and continues to be, someone I know I can reach out to and rely on for guidance. There are some people you meet in life that you can tell have truly found their calling and what they do seems so natural to them. That’s Colleen. I would 100% recommend her to anyone in my life!

July 6, 2017
Sarah King | 7/6/2017

Colleen was incredible! She and her apprentice were crucial during my very intense labor.  her kindness and constant support i was able to calmly deliver my son with very little intervention. She provided me with constant counter pressure on my back during surges, helped me navigate the day with loving guidance, and helped me feel completely confident. what was really incredible was that she had already been up 24 hours due to another mother who was in he room next door. I never felt like Colleen had split her time she was literally always there and ready to help. she also provided me with awesome pre and post natal care.  

Couldnt have done it without her and her wonderful apprentice Hannah.