September 29, 2015
Milan McGorty | 9/29/2015

I gave birth 3 months ago to my son Max and I can’t begin to say enough good things about Colleen or how wonderful her services are.  My husband and I are first time parents so we didn’t know initially what the role of a doula was or if we wanted to hire one.  I’m so glad we did because Colleen was one of the best decisions I made regarding my pregnancy and birth plan.  She provided me with a plethora of resources and educational material for a better, healthier pregnancy.  Colleen also connected me with various people in her holistic healthcare network- each of whom contributed towards my “beautiful birth”.  What I found endearing was that Colleen sacrificed time out of her own life and family to be available whenever I needed her.  When it came time to give birth, she was “my person”; she showed up right after I called and was at my side for over 24 hours of labor.  Colleen provided unbiased emotional support during my pregnancy, she worked with me to facilitate my natural birth plan, and she even kept in touch with us during the postnatal period.  One day I will be able to tell my son the story of his birth and all the amazing women who helped to make it possible…thank you Colleen so very much from the bottom of my heart, I will forever be grateful xoxo

May 31, 2015
S. Vine | 5/31/2015

Colleen is extremely kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate. She is amazing from the very beginning always checking in with you to see how things are and how she may help. I took advantage of both her doula and placenta encapsulation service. I was completely satisfied with both experiences. Colleen definitely helped me tremendously through the unknown territory of having my first child. I highly recommend her to any mom looking for doula support and post partum depression prevention.

March 21, 2015
Amanda Ryan Moitoso | 3/21/2015

Colleen is simply amazing. From the start, she was always kind, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. I was very anxious to give birth as a first time mom, and she was always there to answer any questions I had, in addition to giving me lots of tips on how to prepare for a natural birth and ease my anxiety. She responded to me almost immediately whenever i texted or called, and as the day approached she would check in with me frequently. Due to some special circumstances, I needed to be induced. This lead to some medical interventions that were not part of my birth plan, but Colleen was there for me 100% and never made me feel like the decisions I made were “wrong.” Whatever I needed/wanted, she would try to get for me. Colleen was also an incredible support for my husband, who was a bundle of nerves during the birth, to say the least! She was able to reassure him during the process which gave him the peace of mind he needed. Even though I was induced and needed an epidural, I was able to have a vaginal birth and Colleen was there to support my husband and me through it all. I honestly can’t think of anyone else I would have wanted there besides my husband to help me through it. As a woman about to give birth, (especially a first time mom) you need someone in your corner to stick up for you, remind you of your birth preferences, and Colleen was the one to do all of that for me.

She was also incredibly helpful to me after my son’s birth as our post-partum doula. She came to our house and supported me, whether it was cooking, cleaning, or helping me with breastfeeding/caring for my son. She gave me peace of mind and ultimately the confidence I needed to feel like I could “do this.” Those first few weeks were hard, but Colleen really saw me through them. She went above and beyond her call as a doula. Hiring her was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and my family, and I will cherish my time with her forever!

March 4, 2015
Michael and Erika | 3/4/2015

For the birth of our 2nd child we wanted a reputable doula as my husband has to watch over our 1st child (we believe in the attachment theory) and found Colleen via DONA International. She was very accommodating, sincere, and supportive throughout the entire birthing process. Examples include but not limited to the following: a) willing to travel to my house for pre-birth visits without any charges, b) arrive timely to the hospital for labor and was very supportive and an excellent advocate for what I wanted as determined by the birth plan we’ve created, c) assisted in breastfeeding recommendation post-birth.
Colleen responds very rapidly to my cell phone anytime during the day whether is by text or voice time, even at 1AM.
The most important feature I believe besides the ones I’ve mentioned is she is NON-JUDGEMENT, which in reality is what a mom faces endlessly from majority of people around her (e.g., family members, “friends,” health care providers), hence all of these support groups. I felt very comfortable during our initial meeting.
Overall, I strongly recommend Colleen.

February 25, 2015
Emma Eaton | 2/25/2015

After having twins I needed help and I had no idea where to look. I didn’t know postpartum doulas existed and I definitely didn’t know what one could do for me.

From my first phone call with Colleen I was completely comfortable. The minute she stepped foot in my home I felt at ease, and within the hour my (considerable) nervousness about having a stranger in my postpartum wreck of a house evaporated. Without being asked she knew what needed to be done both to help with me and the babies and to get my house back in order. Having her here was very calming for me and the babies both responded so positively to her. I also think she may be part octopus; the first day she was here I went up to shower and when I came down she had one baby on her chest, one on her lap, and was happily folding laundry. They’re my kids and *I* can’t do that.

Colleen was with me for several weeks and became a member of the family. She was able to help juggle both babies and my three year old as we navigate toilet training, in addition to giving me a break and keeping the house running. She never got ruffled, never forgot to do something, was always game for anything. She gave sage advice if I asked for it but I never, ever felt like she was judging me for decisions I made on my own either.

I don’t know how to adequately sum up the difference Colleen made in my postpartum period. I felt grounded, supported, and strong with her here in a time when I was navigating my new life in the dark. It was like having all the best parts of your mom there, along with a personal assistant, nanny, housekeeper, and most importantly friend. If a postpartum doula is in your future I can’t recommend Colleen highly enough. If you’re on the fence about getting one – do it. I wish I’d known about it with my first child, I think it would have changed the whole experience of being a new mother for the better.

February 2, 2015
Zejfa Jahic | 2/2/2015

My husband and I were expecting our first child; needless to say we were rather nervous about the delivery experience and sought out the assistance of a doula. It was important for us to find someone who would be a good personality fit and would have the ability to make us feel at ease. Colleen, from the very first day, was available to answer any questions we had and provided the reassurance we needed. What’s more, she educated us about the many pregnancy/delivery related benefits we were unaware off, such as delayed cord cutting, delayed bath, importance of vitamin C, etc. During delivery, Colleen ensured that I was relaxed and in the right state of mind to deliver our baby girl. Post-delivery, Colleen came out to our home for a lactation consultation (on Christmas day!!) to ensure that the baby was latching on properly…let’s face it, breastfeeding is not as natural as many claim it to be, so having her there to coach us through some of our difficulties was invaluable. To this day I use Colleen as my sounding board if I have any questions or concerns – it’s a relief to have someone as knowledgeable as her at my fingertips. If we had to do it all over again, we would pick Collen to be our birthing partner. Thank you for all you did – we appreciate it so very much!

January 2, 2015
Pauline Crisci-Goncalves | 1/12/2015

I do not know what my husband, Alan, and I would have done without our birthing doula, Colleen Myatt. Colleen was an integral part of our birthing experience. She was the most caring, compassionate doula you could ever hope to have while journeying through the labor, birthing and postmortem process. Colleen was kind, soft-spoken and extremely attentive to my husband and me. From late-pregnancy to postpartum, Colleen was always available by phone and text to answer our questions and concerns.
Two weeks prior to my scheduled induction, Colleen helped us write a birth plan, go over birthing positions and provide information regarding breastfeeding. When Colleen arrived at the hospital to deliver my baby girl, she brought a wave of serenity to the room and gave me the confidence I needed to know everything was going to be all right. Unfortunately, my labor and birthing experience did not go as planned due to unforeseen complications. After two days of being induced, I had to have cesarean- section because my baby, Alexandra could not fit through my “small pelvis.”
The day after Alexandra’s delivery, Colleen came to the hospital on Thanksgiving Day to check on us to make sure everything was okay after surgery and delivery. The following day after being discharged from the hospital, Colleen came to our house and helped take care of Alexandra, while my husband and I needed to catch up on much needed sleep. Colleen was our rock during this stressful time and I cannot thank her enough for helping us “keep it together. “We refer to Colleen as our guardian angel.

August 14, 2014
Alyssa Joy Lewis | 8/14/2014

I was so impressed with Colleen when we first met her. She was very knowledgeable about the birth topics that were important to me, and I knew that she supported my birth preferences no matter what her own views might be. She was extremely professional and personable. I could always call her with my questions or concerns. She provided me with unbiased advice and told me what options I had, and offered her personal experience or opinion when I asked for it. She was also so kind to check in with me regularly to ask how I was feeling physically and mentally, and to make sure I was taking care of myself (I always needed help remembering to drink water).

She also was good about including my husband, Adam, in the process. She showed him how to help me with certain positions and exercises that would help in labor. There was never a point that I felt separate from Adam in my birth experience. Colleen worked with us like a team player. She also got along great with my mom, who was with us at the birth as well. It really meant a lot to me seeing everyone working together to make sure baby and I were doing well. No one was stepping on anyone’s toes. It was perfect.

I wanted to have as natural a birth as possible in a hospital setting, without pain medication or interventions. Colleen was familiar with hypno-birthing, on which Adam and I had taken a class, so she knew how I wanted to labor. But when I was almost fully dilated and my water hadn’t broken on its own yet, I started to worry that I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer on my own. I started asking if it was too late for pain relief. Colleen suggested and explained an option that was more in line with what I wanted, and that wouldn’t require medication, even though it was a small intervention. I decided to do it and am so glad I did. I don’t think I would have made the same choice without her advice, calm encouragement, and support. She played a major role in our birth experience, the result of which was a healthy, beautiful baby boy!

After delivery, Colleen came back to our house to check in, to help me and baby latch, and to encapsulate my placenta. I love that she is a placenta encapsulation specialist because it was something I was really interested in doing. She went over all the great benefits with us and I was all the more convinced I should do it. She was very thorough. She came to the house with all of the equipment and made sure everything was done properly, from the preparation to the finished product. And she made sure I understood how to take them. Even after this was all done, she checked in with me to see how things were going. And she even sent us a little photo album of the pictures she’d taken! What a nice gift for us to remember our special day!

Overall, a great experience with Colleen. Wonderful doula, wonderful lady.

July 15, 2014
Lea Toussas | 7/15/2014

I met Colleen two weeks before my scheduled c-section. I was looking for post partum help once I was home with my newborn. I knew instantly that this was who I wanted to be with me an my new baby during this time.  Colleen would follow up with me all the time sending me helpful tips etc… as my due date approached. She was always concerned with how I was feeling.

When I left the hospital I could not wait for her to come to my home. I really needed the support.

Colleen provided me with so much help and knowledge when it came to breastfeeding my baby. She also gave me so much support and comforting during my brief ‘baby blues’ period which lasted a week after I came home form the hospital.  She made me feel so much better she always had a postive attitude.  Most of all, the love she gave to my newbown was as though she was part of the family. She also was so loving with my three year old son who was having a difficult time adjusting to the new baby. I don’t know what I would have done without her.  The best thing I did was hire Colleen without a doubt.

June 29, 2014
Jamie Towie | 6/29/2014

Colleen was an amazing doula for the birth of our first baby.  I was a little skeptical about hiring a doula at first, but after talking with friends and famiy, I decided having a doula would ease my anxieties about labor and birth. I hired Colleen 24 hours before I went into labor.  She was by my side every step of the way and was so supportive to both my husband and me during the entire process.  She was professional, knowledgable, caring.  Hiring Colleen as a doula was the one of the best decisions we made.

After the birth of our baby, we hired her as a postpartum doula.  She cooked and cleaned for us as well as answered any questions I had about the baby and breastfeeding.  I highly recommend Colleen to any mom (and dad) looking for support during labor and birth and beyond.

May 11, 2014
Haley McCarthy | 5/11/2014

Colleen was a wonderful doula and I highly recommend her services. For a first time Mom I had no clue what to expect but Colleen’s personal and professional experience boosted our confidence. My labor was very quick for a first time and with the help of Colleen and my partner we were able to get through a very quick and intense experience while still meeting our birthing goals. It was great to have non-judgemental, kind and caring support available to my during the end of my pregnancy as well as labor and delivery.

Thanks Colleen!!!

April 30, 2014
Stephanie Pearson | 4/30/2014

This past weekend I delivered my first child…A healthy baby boy. I contacted Colleen to be my doula in my 7th month of pregnancy. From the beginning she was prompt with communication. She met with me for an interview and 3 other times before my delivery: To discuss my birth plan and teach me the techniques we would use during labor to keep things calm and smooth. From the moment I met her I felt comfortable and safe in her care. She listened clearly and respected all my wishes while also giving me information which better informed me and enabled me to add some things to my plan that I wouldn’t have known were possible without her. Not once did I ever feel judged for my decisions–only supported completely. My membranes broke before I went into labor and things didn’t go exactly how I had hoped. She kept me calm and focused regardless. She was absolutely 100% my advocate at the hospital. I wanted a doula so that I would have a voice in the event that I wasn’t able to get what I needed on my own, and I had exactly that. She was persistent with my requests to the nurses. I truly believe without that persistance my requests would not have been made a priority. She also made my husband her partner and I know he had a beautiful experience as a result. I am so grateful that I had her with me and I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank You Colleen!! –Stephanie, Jim, and Baby Liam.

January 22, 2014
Jonathan David and Mary Nalubega | 1/22/2014

We were referred to Colleen by an nurse who taught our birthing class at St Mary’s hospital in Waterbury, CT. We met with Colleen multiple times and really got to know her and her style. She taught and trained us on breathing techniques, labor positions, stages of labor, how to use birthing ball. With her assistance we were able to complete a birth plan and list of item to make the experience as enjoyable and relaxing for Mom as possible. She gave us a lot of confidence and courage going into the experience. The night before the Birth,m she came to our hotel and guided us through pre-labor and labor. We helped really calm Mom, running a bath and helping with breathing. She was essential to us getting successfully through Labor and to the hospital. Everything she taught us came in handy and was a big part of our successful birth. She helped with the initial skin–to-skin contact and first latch on. With her guidance, Mom was able to successfully breastfeed within an hour and half after birth. Since arriving home, she has been even more essential to us. She has helped as a Lactation consultant, helping us try to establish successful breastfeeding techniques and schedule. She was so incredibly calming and reassuring to Mom, helping her deal with the emotions, hormones, joy, confusion and all that goes along with the birth experience. She will continue with us for a few weeks and we’re so thrilled to have her. She has a great way with Mom, shes a natural mother and great with our daughter, and she clearly enjoys her work/role. I would recommend her and her services to anyone considering using a Doula.

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