August 22, 2019
“any family would be lucky to have her as their Doula.”

Let me start by saying that Colleen has a special place in our family’s heart. We feel blessed to have had her as our Doula.

Thanks to her support, guidance, and kindness, I felt calm and confident during my pregnancy. 

Colleen taught me exercises to help with my baby’s positioning for birth, and they worked!
Before getting her services, I was really nervous about my labor, but that changed. When we got to that day, Colleen was by my side, answering all questions, taking care of me, and explaining the situation. She was my rock! Thanks to Colleen, I had a positive birthing experience. 

One of the things I valued the most is that Colleen gives evidence-based advice and recommendations.

And not only that but her support after my baby was born in Spring was huge! I really appreciated that she was following up with me, available for any questions and sharing resources that were helpful for my postpartum.

I highly recommend Colleen, she has a special gift, and I feel any family would be lucky to have her as their Doula.

July 30, 2019
Jessie, Michael & Sophia | 9/15/2016


June 10, 2019
Anna Glennon | 6/10/2019

I loved having Colleen support our birth during pregnancy, during birth and postpartum. She is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. She helped me decide what was right for me and my baby by providing all the options and giving me opportunities to do my own research without trying to sway me one way or another. I was so thankful to have her in the room during our daughters birth. It made me feel like I knew what was happening every step of the way and that I was heard and cared for.

June 3, 2019
Amanda Moitoso | 6/3/2019

Colleen is an fantastic doula. I was lucky enough to have her for both of my children’s births. She is very passionate about what she does, and gives excellent advice but never in a pushy way. She works with what you’re comfortable with doing or not doing. When my labor was taking FOREVER to get going, she stayed with us all day and recommended we break my waters and BOOM the baby arrived. She was also so supportive during that incredibly fast labor 🙂 She’s like our family, and I couldn’t imagine not having her there with us 🙂

June 3, 2019
Carolyn | 6/3/2019

I hired Colleen as a gift to my sister.  I am a former labor and birth nurse and know how important it is to have the right support when giving birth. I have personally seen how the wrong support can leave moms with a lifetime of regrets.  Having had both good and bad experiences with doulas, I knew exactly what qualities to look for in a doula and which ones to avoid.

My sister wanted me there for her birth and even asked me to be her doula.  Although I knew I would definitely be there, I was hesitant to be “the doula” because I knew it would require that I remained cool, calm and collected.  Births are an emotional rollercoaster and this time I was going to be one of the riders. It turned out I was an emotional mess, in no state to play the role of the objective, professional doula.

Hiring Colleen ended up being the best gift I could’ve given myself as well as my sister.  Colleen was the perfect mix of strong, gentile, smart, and professional. She had an endless amount of energy and tricks up her sleeve for what ended up being a long and difficult birth.  With her supportive, non-judgemental disposition, Colleen helped my sister find strength, endurance, and focus she didn’t know she had.  Watching Colleen help my sister relax though her surges was a beautiful, magical experience.  Both my sister and her husband tell me often, how thankful they are that they had such an amazing doula for the birth of their first child.  We highly recommend Colleen!!!

April 4, 2019
Victoria and Keith | 4/4/2019

We cannot say enough about everything Colleen did and continues to do for us. We decided to partner with a Doula after attending a Hypnobirthing class in week 30 and decided to use Colleen’s services after meeting her at a Fetal Positioning class in Westport. For us, her services, emotional support, and knowledge were priceless. From the start, we felt completely connected and comfortable with Colleen. Besides providing fact-based information on birth and the birthing process, she prepared us (most importantly Vicky) emotionally and physically for the birth process. She listened to our concerns and questions and provided answers or directed us to where we could find the information we needed. For example, we expressed concern to her about our Healthcare Provider and planned birth facility and she offered a few referrals and suggestions.

With her support, in week 36 we made a Healthcare Provider and Birthing Facility change, which can be a bit nerve-racking, to say the least. But we felt 100% confident in our decision and it was the best decision we made as our birth experience was almost exactly as we planned. For us, the entire birth was a beautiful and spiritual experience and Colleen was a major factor in us achieving the birth we envisioned. In fact, it was her prenatal guidance, soothing and relaxation techniques and physical and emotional support that facilitated a relatively short birthing process.

On her suggestion, Vicky moved to the Birthing Tub, and 54 minutes later, our baby Amanda was ready to enter the world. During the birthing, we consulted with Colleen on medical questions presented to us by our Midwives (who were also great!). She made sure we had all the information to make informed decisions and supported and respected each decision we made.

During the uterine surges and birthing, she provided a quiet relaxed atmosphere (beautiful music) and when she started to sense discomfort in Vicky, she provided physical comfort with soothing massages, rebozo movements and positioning techniques to facilitate labor progression and other techniques for comfort. She seemed to intuitively know what Vicky needed in each moment. She was also extremely respectful of my needs (as a Companion) and allowing Vicky and I to intimately experience the birth process as partners. And even now, after Amanda’s birth, she continues to provide support and answers to postpartum questions. It is difficult to put into words how much Colleen’s knowledge, guidance, and overall support means to us as she was an integral part of our beautiful birth. Not only is she our Doula, but she is now a friend and forever part of the family. We highly recommend Colleen and her Doula services.

February 28, 2019
Jennifer Panoli | 2/28/2019

Colleen was my doula for the birth of my second child in October 2018.  It’s hard to express the gratitude I have for Colleen and her support throughout all stages of my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.  I was looking for a doula that not only offered a strong knowledge of birth, but was also caring, genuine, and warm.  With Colleen, all my requirements were met, and then some.  I felt an immediate connection and from our very first meeting I knew Colleen was highly qualified and passionate about her work.

Throughout the prenatal period she helped prepare me both physically and mentally for the unmedicated birth I was hoping for.  She was incredibly knowledgeable, came with lots of resources, and her evidence-based approach was very helpful.  She eased my nerves and helped me to get over some mental hurdles and anxiety I had leading up to the birth.

When it came time for the actual birth of my daughter, Colleen arrived at the hospital ready for action.  She didn’t miss a beat and jumped right in – she came in with just the right amount of charge that gave me a sense of calm as I knew I was in good hands with Colleen around.  One of my favorite things about Colleen’s approach was how she quickly turned a bright, overwhelming hospital room into a calm, peaceful space by turning on soothing blue light and tranquil music.  She offered physical support through massage and helped me position myself so I was as comfortable as possible.  She never left my side and helped me to remain focused, especially when I started to progress quickly and the intensity increased exponentially.  Additionally, Colleen offered a great level of support to my husband by giving him pointers on how he could best support me.

In the postpartum period, Colleen checked in regularly to see how we were doing, even months later.  She was kind and supportive and helped me troubleshoot issues by offering advice and various resources.  The postpartum check-ins really helped take the whole experience full circle and made me feel important, heard, and cared for during one of the most vulnerable times of my life.

My decision to work with Colleen was no doubt the best one!  If it comes time for another child, Colleen will be the first call I make.  She was essential to my positive birth experience and I will forever be thankful for her.

February 19, 2019
Leah Brown
“Colleen was remarkable”

I came to Colleen at 39 weeks after I unexpectedly changed providers and my birth plan. I had been planning on having a VBAC at home, but decided to move to a birth center when I tested positive for GBS. Given the change was so close to my due date, I wanted to find a doula who was familiar with the center at Yale, so they could help me navigate this new plan. Everyone I spoke to told me to contact Colleen, and I will be forever grateful to them. Colleen was remarkable. She was intuitive, caring and empowering throughout my birth. Every step of the way she offered exactly what I didn’t know I needed. She helped me achieve my VBAC and my 9 lb 5 oz son, was born with no interventions. She will never know the gift she gave to me that day. 

December 14, 2018
Celena Mangelli | 12/14/2018

Colleen is amazing, and I feel blessed to have her as my doula. I first contacted Colleen when I was around 25 weeks pregnant. We discussed my birth plan and my current practitioner. I wasn’t happy with my Obgyn but wasn’t motivated to change. Colleen helped me to ask questions of my obgyn that made me realize that I needed to change. She helped me connect with the Yale Midwifery and I couldn’t be happier that I made the switch. Colleen has been with me every step of the way. Offering so much advice, suggestions and support. She’s an invaluable resource. She gave me articles and links to help me through my pregnancy journey. She also came to our home to show us different positions and exercises to prepare for labor and during labor. When I first reached out, she did inform me that she had a spinning babies conference the weekend of my due date and if I went into labor she did have a backup for me. Of course I went into labor early Saturday morning. Even though she was at the conference she stayed in touch with me the entire time. She texted both me and my husband and she put us in contact with her backup. After the birth of our daughter Colleen came to our house for a post partum checkup and to give me my placenta encapsulation pills. I was skeptical about the pills but figured they couldn’t hurt. I was living off less than 3 hours sleep a day, and didn’t have any caffeine. These pills gave me the energy to get through the day and I believe helped me to heal faster. Her post part in support was also amazing. She helped show me a better technique and schedule for breastfeeding. I can state with 100% honesty that could not have had my natural vaginal birth if it wasn’t for the prep and planning Colleen had me do. I’m forever grateful for her support, guidance and care. I’m so happy she is my doula and so blessed to have met her.

November 26, 2018
Erin Dake | 11/26/2018

From the first time I spoke with Colleen on the phone, I knew she would be a perfect choice as our birth doula. Her attentiveness and consideration during that first conversation proved to me that she would be a strong support during our pregnancy and birth journey. Having hired her for our second child’s birth, I felt a little more prepared (as much as you can be!) going forward in this birthing process. However, I really felt the desire to have a doula by my side this time around. Upon meeting Colleen for the first time I felt I had known her for many years! She was kind, funny, helpful and made me feel very much at ease when discussing our desires for our birth. She provided many helpful tips, links and stretches for a smooth and comfortable pregnancy and I felt very reassured that she was only a phone call away. And she always picked up her phone right away! Or responded to a text promptly!! Which I thought was very impressive!!! Our birth went very smoothly and she provided an incredible atmosphere for my partner and I. It was great to have a postpartum visit as well and frequent check-ins the weeks following our sons arrival. I felt Colleen truly cares!!! She is wonderful and I can’t say enough about how she made this birth process amazing for our whole family. I would definitely recommend her services!! She is wonderful.

October 22, 2018
Erin Murphy | 10/22/2018

I was very lucky to have Colleen support me as a doula for two births. She is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful both throughout pregnancy and labor. Her love for supporting women in birth is evident in all that she does. She was supportive of the choices I made and helped educate me on all the options. Throughout labor, Colleen used comfort measures and words of encouragement that helped me get through the hardest parts. She is amazing and I can’t imagine birthing without her!

October 2, 2018
Erin Dolan | 10/2/2018

If you are looking to have a doula at your birth look no further Colleen Myatt is the right choice for you! From the moment I met her I knew she was the person I wanted by my side in the most unknown experience of my life. Colleen has a great depth of knowledge in many areas that are entwined in prenatal, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is very informative and shares information freely with her clients. She is able to establish a relationship with partners and soon to be birthing mothers; she was inclusive to my partner and creates a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to build a comfort level and sense of team prior to the birth.  I was able to carry out my birth plan, I Had a natural birth at the hospital, Colleen has an ability to not interfere with doctors and nurses and manages to become part of the team.  I felt  only her encouraging presence by my side while the medical team seemed to respect her space as well and work in harmony with her for the well being of my baby and me.  I look forward to having Colleen at the birth of my next child and would highly recommend her to all pregnant mothers.

August 13, 2018
Devan King | 8/13/2018

I employed Colleen as my doula to assist with the labor of my second child.  I did not have a doula for the labor and delivery of my first child and had a very negative experience.  Thanks to Colleen, the birth of my second child was such a positive experience and one that I will always remember fondly.

Colleen came and met with me prior to the due date to go over sleep positions, exercise, supplements, and infant CPR/choking instruction.  She made sure my husband and I knew what to expect, and had all the information we needed prior to my due date.  In addition, she went out of her way to be incredibly responsive and supportive in the weeks leading up to my due date, answering additional questions I had along the way.

When I was in labor, Colleen was so supportive and knowledgeable.  Her calm and confident presence gave me the peace of mind I needed to have a positive birth experience.  My baby was in an unfavorable position for birth and Colleen coached me through different labor positions to shift him, with positive results.  Her methods were so successful, we were able to labor entirely at home and arrive at the hospital just in time for birth.  At the hospital, we had the misfortune of having an unreasonably rude nurse.  Colleen was essential in responding to the outrageous comments from nursing staff so that I did not become agitated or lose my focus in the final stages of labor.

Post partum, Colleen assisted with having the nursing staff give me my baby for skin to skin and helped to get baby to latch.  She later came by the house to make sure all was progressing well and to answer any final questions.

I ended up having some post partum health concerns and Colleen was still an asset to me, providing support and advice.

I highly recommend Colleen as a doula and look forward to using her services again.

July 29, 2018
Milan | 2/8/2016


July 28, 2018
Sarah | 2/8/2016