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Erin Murphy | 10/22/2018

I was very lucky to have Colleen support me as a doula for two births. She is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful both throughout pregnancy and labor. Her love for supporting women in birth is evident in all that she does. She was supportive of the choices I made and helped educate me on all the options. Throughout labor, Colleen used comfort measures and words of encouragement that helped me get through the hardest parts. She is amazing and I can't imagine birthing without her!

October 22, 2018

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Erin Dolan | 10/2/2018

If you are looking to have a doula at your birth look no further Colleen Myatt is the right choice for you! From the moment I met her I knew she was the person I wanted by my side in the most unknown experience of my life. Colleen has a great depth of knowledge in many areas that are entwined in prenatal, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is very informative and shares information freely with her clients. She is able to establish a relationship with partners and soon to be birthing mothers; she was inclusive to my partner and creates a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to build a comfort level and sense of team prior to the birth.  I was able to carry out my birth plan, I Had a natural birth at the hospital, Colleen has an ability to not interfere with doctors and nurses and manages to become part of the team.  I felt  only her encouraging presence by my side while the medical team seemed to respect her space as well and work in harmony with her for the well being of my baby and me.  I look forward to having Colleen at the birth of my next child and would highly recommend her to all pregnant mothers.

October 2, 2018

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Devan King | 8/13/2018

I employed Colleen as my doula to assist with the labor of my second child.  I did not have a doula for the labor and delivery of my first child and had a very negative experience.  Thanks to Colleen, the birth of my second child was such a positive experience and one that I will always remember fondly.

Colleen came and met with me prior to the due date to go over sleep positions, exercise, supplements, and infant CPR/choking instruction.  She made sure my husband and I knew what to expect, and had all the information we needed prior to my due date.  In addition, she went out of her way to be incredibly responsive and supportive in the weeks leading up to my due date, answering additional questions I had along the way.

When I was in labor, Colleen was so supportive and knowledgeable.  Her calm and confident presence gave me the peace of mind I needed to have a positive birth experience.  My baby was in an unfavorable position for birth and Colleen coached me through different labor positions to shift him, with positive results.  Her methods were so successful, we were able to labor entirely at home and arrive at the hospital just in time for birth.  At the hospital, we had the misfortune of having an unreasonably rude nurse.  Colleen was essential in responding to the outrageous comments from nursing staff so that I did not become agitated or lose my focus in the final stages of labor.

Post partum, Colleen assisted with having the nursing staff give me my baby for skin to skin and helped to get baby to latch.  She later came by the house to make sure all was progressing well and to answer any final questions.

I ended up having some post partum health concerns and Colleen was still an asset to me, providing support and advice.

I highly recommend Colleen as a doula and look forward to using her services again.

August 13, 2018

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Milan | 2/8/2016


July 29, 2018

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Sarah | 2/8/2016


July 28, 2018

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Lindsay Weisenthal | 7/17/2018

I thought I was hiring Colleen to guide me through just the delivery of my son and what I got was guidance throughout my entire pregnancy. I had a high risk pregnancy with a lot of tough decisions to make and a lot of challenging sensations to navigate and I can honestly say I have no clue how I would have had the positive birth experience to remember forever without Colleen. I did end up having a C section despite all of the practice and planning for otherwise and because of Colleens presence throughout my pregnancy and the C section it was without a doubt the spiritual and beautiful memory I had dreamed of creating. Even though nothing went to plan I got exactly what I wanted and Colleen was a huge facilitator for one of the most important and challenging times in my life. If you met Colleen at her fetal positioning class like I did and had a little gut feeling you should talk to her... follow that inner nudge. She is full of wisdom, resource and goes the distance with you!

July 17, 2018

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Desirae Whittle | 7/17/2018

Colleen was my doula for the birth of my daughter. From the moment I hired her, she made herself available to me, and made me feel like I was a friend. I knew I could always ask her anything, and if she didn't already know the answer to my question, she had the resources to find out. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, as she has seen many things and attended many births and I felt safe with her. During my pregnancy, which ended up having many complications, she kept a positive outlook. In the end, my birth did not turn out as I hoped, but being able to still have Colleen there when it was decided I would have a cesarean was beyond beneficial because I was very afraid to have the cesarean. It was never in my mind that could happen, and I was grateful for calming presence in the room while I was prepped for surgery, and to have her waiting there when we came back in with our healthy daughter.

Thank you, Colleen, for being a wonderful source of emotional, informational and physical support throughout my pregnancy, labor and deliver, and well into my postpartum period.

July 17, 2018

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Kira Krauss | 7/16/2018

Hiring Colleen was one of, if not the best decision I made during my pregnancy! I was referred to Colleen via a trusted holistic network in Fairfield county. I had never considered a doula, but after hearing number of positive testimonials through a class I took in my second trimester, I knew I had to work with her as this was my first pregnancy and I had no idea what to expect. Colleen spent ample time up front getting to know my husband and I through home visits and was always available over the phone when I had a question or needed her. The end of my pregnancy was particularly challenging with a few ”false alarms” and Colleen was always there for support and always kept my best interests at heart. When my husband and I reflect on the birth of our daughter, we cant imagine what it would have been like without Colleen present. Every step of the way, she knew exactly what to do to keep me comfortable as I had opted for a natural, epidural free birth. From her magical lavender oils to moving me from position to position, she gave me peace of mind and always made sure I was tended to. Colleen, thank you for such an amazing experience both pre and post partum! Rob and I are so grateful for everything you’ve done for us! To those of you who are considering working with doula, it was hands down worth every penny. You will be in amazing hands with Colleen!

July 16, 2018