Pregnancy and Birth Tips

Our Top Pregnancy and Birth Tips

In light of this holiday season, which is all about friends, family, love and connection– let me take a moment to highlight one of my most favorite doulas and one that I am lucky enough to be such good friends with. Colleen Myatt, the owner of Beautiful, Births & Beyond. She equipped us all with some of her biggest pregnancy and birth tips for expecting mamas (or ones who are thinking of trying!).

I met Colleen about two years ago and within seconds – we clicked. She became my “mama doula” and while I am not actively practicing as a doula right now because life has detoured me onto different paths (one being my upcoming memoir!) and despite everything I have trained in and experiences I have had – Colleen is still my number one “go to” with questions! She is truly an expert doula and one I cannot recommend enough!

So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Colleen’s Pregnancy & Birth Tips

  • Choose a hospital that has a good reputation and low c section rate
  • Choose a provider that will LISTEN to you and take time with you when you have your appointments (you can ALWAYS switch doctors if things just don’t feel right!)
  • Hire a doula!
  • Nourish your body and HYDRATE! You are what you eat and so is your baby!
  • Exercise: Walking, prenatal Yoga, Spinning Babies gentle daily exercises
  • See a Webster Certified Chiropractor
  • Take Hypnobirthing or some other preparation class for labor. If you are local to us here in Connecticut, we highly recommend Hypnobirthing of Connecticut with founder/instructor Cynthia Overgard.
  • When in early labor do Miles Circuit 
  • Stay home for as long as possible! If it is your first baby and hospital is within 30 minutes – wait until about 3 – 4 min apart, lasting a min for 1 hour
  • Water therapy – showers are great for early labor and tub for active 7 cm and beyond
  • Move it, move it!- Colleen’s 3 birth tips to keep labor progressing: Sway – while surging and holding onto partner. Gravity– Upright positions. Open – squat while surging (or use a peanut ball if you do need to lay down to rest or have an epidural to keep hips open)


We wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday and new year!

Lindsay Gibson, Editor
Beautiful Births and Beyond, LLC