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8 Ways to Soothe Pregnancy Heartburn

Pregnancy Heartburn   Heartburn Facts First things first – heartburn is not caused by too much stomach acid – but rather too little. Lack of stomach acid slows the digestive process down which creates all kinds of havoc. Stomach acid signals the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (which separates the stomach and esophagus) to close tightly when the body has enough acid to digest your… Read more →

The First Hour of Breastfeeding

“Eat, sleep, breastfeed, repeat.”   Importance of Breastfeeding in the First Hour   Breastfeeding is one the most empowering things a mother can accomplish. It takes dedication and patience to get the “flow” going between you and your baby. To make sure that it gets off to a good start – the very first hour after birth is crucial to… Read more →

Colic 101: What to Do?

Colic – Every New Parent’s Fear The dreaded “C” word that all new parents fear they might hear. Colic. For parents of a new baby, hearing that their little one may be struggling through colic can put even seasoned parents on edge. You walk into the pediatrician’s office, worrying for the worst and are instantly relieved when the Doctor tells… Read more →

Pregnancy and Birth Tips

Our Top Pregnancy and Birth Tips In light of this holiday season, which is all about friends, family, love and connection– let me take a moment to highlight one of my most favorite doulas and one that I am lucky enough to be such good friends with. Colleen Myatt, the owner of Beautiful, Births & Beyond. She equipped us all with… Read more →

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Holiday Gift Guide for a New Mom

Wondering what you can buy for a new mama friend this holiday season? Have a new mama friend this holiday season? Here are my suggestions to help her transition into her role. Earlier this week I posted up my Joyful Motherhood E-Course – which of course makes a great new mama gift, but what else? Here are some of my… Read more →

Boost Your Immunity During Pregnancy

Tis’ the season of sniffles and scratchy throats! It is time to close those windows and crank up the heat, which means trapping all those germs inside. Sigh. If you are pregnant, this time of year makes it doubly harder to stay well as your immunity is already suppressed. You already know to take your prenatal, but what else can… Read more →

Visitors After Birth

The long awaited nine months is over and baby is here! What a blessing and joy it finally is to see, hold, smell and touch your new precious bundle. When that tiny baby is placed into your arms, he or she is the ultimate reward for your nine months of careful preparation. Mom and Dad/Partner are over the moon with… Read more →

The Magic of Skin-to-Skin

I can still see the yellow isolation gowns from the NICU team lined up against the wall during my oldest daughter, Lillian’s birth. Terrified and confused, I looked at my midwife Annie who I loved so much and had built nine months of a trusting relationship with. She saw the look on my face as I stared at them. “Don’t… Read more →